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Share Some information about risks when investing ico

You are looking to invest in ico and we recommend you to know some information about the risks when investing ico

Risk of investing

With just one computer, ICOs can reach all investors globally, so fundraising from virtual currencies is easy with a large amount of capital raised. However, it is not strictly regulated, so the ICO projects of the past time are mostly scams.

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In addition, ICOs do not have legal corridors, standards and regulations and transactions mostly take place over the Internet so it is very easy to be hacked, making both investors and businesses lose money. What is an ICO

Opportunities and challenges in investment

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Investing in ICO you have the opportunity to receive x5, x10, x50, … times your assets, this is definitely a super profitable investment.

The essence of a cryptocurrency is to serve a certain purpose or purpose in certain industries of society: Education, charity, finance, banking, entertainment, .. If this coin is copper Supporting users, receiving it will grow and investors buying tokens during the ICO will bring huge profits.

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Currently, there are many ICO projects appearing, but which ICO projects will succeed or vice versa, … it is not a big challenge for you to grasp that.

Should we invest in this project?

2019 년 트렌드 코인

Cryptocurrency market is a trend of investment with great potential. ICOs are an investment form chosen by many investors because of its super-profitable nature.

Investing in ICOs would be great. However, if you are determined to make a long-term investment in this potential market, you must carefully research and make your own judgment about any ICO project to make a decision whether or not to invest. And should invest with capital within the ability to pay, no interest, mortgage assets.

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How to avoid scam in an investment project

  • Avoid unreliable websites
  • Avoid fake account addresses
  • Study the information carefully

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Hopefully this information will help you to make your own judgment when participating in and find a project like that and decide to invest your money.

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